How Professional Mattress Dust Cleaning Service Work?

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How Professional Mattress Dust Cleaning Service Work

Mattress cleaning might seem like a backbreaking task considering the amount of dirt, stains, and bacteria that frequently lands on it. But it is something that cannot be avoided for sure. A clean mattress ensures peaceful sleep and healthier air to breathe in. If you find yourself stuck in your daily chores, you can hire professional Mattress Dust Cleaning Services Perth to get rid of mattress dust in the most effective manner.

Laser Mattress Cleaning Perth has the essential expertise in deep cleaning mattresses with the latest technology and fool-proof equipment, that too at reasonable rates. Mattress Dust Cleaning Service Perth follows a step-by-step guide carefully designed to deal with all kinds of dirt and germs on the mattress.

Listed below are some steps followed by Laser Mattress Cleaning Perth

Step 1: Mattress Inspection

The first thing we check is the mattress type, whether it can withstand the high temperature we use during the steam cleaning procedure. Some fabrics wear out when exposed to high temperatures. This inspection is done by professionally trained employees. We share the inspection report with customers to maintain a transparent working culture.

Step 2: Vacuuming

Once we find the mattress fit to be treated, we do an initial vacuuming to remove as many dust particles, dead skin cells, and allergens as possible. The vacuum helps in extracting small particles stuck deep within the mattress. Laser Mattress Cleaning Perth uses top-quality vacuum machines with hose and rotary features to pull out maximum unwanted particles off the mattress.

Step 3: Deep Cleaning

In this step, professionals at Mattress Dust Cleaning Service Perth place the mattress in a vertical position to clean it from all the sides thoroughly. A horizontal position is not preferred as it might obstruct cleaning the lower side of the mattress.

Step 4: Odour Removal

Mattresses are prone to have a bad odour due to body sweat, urine, food leftovers, or any other germs growing on them. When left untreated for a long time, the mattress tends to soak in all the unpleasant odours and can stink awfully. When you hire Mattress Dust Cleaning Service Perth, the mattress gets deodorized after the cleaning procedure. We use a special solution of baking soda and mild fragrances to give your mattress a fresh feel. This step neutralizes the foul odour and keeps the mattress fragrant for a longer time.

Step 5: Steam Application

Professionals at Laser Mattress Cleaning Perth use advanced upholstery equipment to steam clean every part of the mattress extensively. This process is done with utmost precision and standard operating rules to not ruin the mattress in any way. Steaming works best because the heat penetrates deep inside the mattress to remove any kind of dirt that might be accumulated. To ensure all edges and corners are steam cleaned, it is done for 3-4 cycles.

Step 6: Drying the Mattress

Experts conducting Mattress Dust Cleaning Service Perth indicate that drying is an important step of the entire cleaning procedure. Steaming can leave behind some moisture in the mattress. Adequate drying can get rid of any amount of water content that might be remaining in the mattress. Otherwise, bacteria can build up due to moisture content in the mattress

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